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Meet the RedRedPaw Gizmos

I've been creating single and album covers for my old friends ISAN for many years. Antony Ryan - one half of ISAN - is now mastering music. I'm excited to be creating a bonkers and unique logo for his new mastering label RedRedPaw. Apparently the name came from Antony previously living in a forest in Sweden and thinking of the paws of the large animals inhabiting the forest. 

The gizmos I've created are purely a starting point to draw from ; compact little mastering machines for my bears to take control of and tweak the knobs. 


Antony says:

"Most mastering engineer websites focus on 'the gear' - all the fancy studio equipment. But I want to show the creative side, the heart and soul that goes into the work. Carl’s art crosses over from his big animals to all his fantastic machines. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to illustrate RedRedPaw’s new website and I can’t wait to see it come to life.”


RedRedPaw Mastering.

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